Lungiswa Energy provides policy, regulation, competition, licensing, pricing and tariff and related advisory services to governments; statutory bodies; regulators and private sector participants in the energy sector.

The company’s expertise in the gas, electricity and liquid fuels sectors includes knowledge of licensing procedures; pricing and tariff methodologies; project structuring; compliance requirements and review procedures.

We specialise in:

  • Expert assistance in cost of supply studies for the purpose of tariff applications;
  • Expert assistance in tariff and licence applications to entities in the electricity; piped gas and petroleum pipelines sector;
  • Policy analysis and research for private and public sector clients;
  • Regulatory research and advisory services for regulators and government departments in the energy sector;
  • Tariff / pricing studies and methodology development, particularly in the gas and liquid fuels industries for regulators;
  • Calculation and modelling of renewable energy tariffs for embedded generators and municipalities; design of net metering or net billing tariffs in a municipal revenue-neutral or optimised manner;
  • Analysis of the regulatory framework for optimised compliance purposes and compliance reviews;
  • Expertise in licence applications and project structuring in the energy sector; and
  • Facilitated regulatory subject matter workshops.

Our philosophies


We value our integrity, honesty and reputation above all else. We will never nor advise our clients to engage in any corrupt, illegal or unethical conduct.


We adopt a holistic approach to our work combining our expertise and experience with thorough research and analysis.


We collaborate with a network of expert professionals to ensure a match of expertise and skills with our clients needs.

Our approach

We listen to our clients and use our experience and expertise to match their needs with what is possible within the applicable legal, policy and regulatory framework.

We engage with relevant stakeholders on our clients behalf understanding the protocols, frameworks and environment that they operate within to facilitate productive and efficient interactions.

In our experience, there is often mistrust between the private sector and governmental entities (departments and regulators) – that in many instances is unwarranted. Having worked for both sides, we understand the objectives and challenges of both sides. This unique experience means we are able to marry these two perspectives to achieve better outcomes for both.

We also provide clarity to clients cutting through the perceptions, misunderstandings and assumptions to develop concrete and implementable solutions within the framework of the existing legal, policy and regulatory framework.

Our advisory service and expert analysis offering

Why the name Lungiswa?

Lungiswa is an IsiZulu word meaning to unite, to fix, to mend. In our work, economic regulation is about fixing market failures and making them work better. We see our role as assisting our clients whether regulators or regulated entities to make economic regulation work better

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