The Team

Lungiswa Energy is a 100% woman-owned and majority black-owned professional services company established in 2017. The company is a level 2 BBBEE designation. The directors have over 25 years of combined energy sector experience and cooperate with a network of experts on a project basis so as to ensure an optimal fit for each client’s needs.

Fathima Sheik: Chairperson

Ms Fathima Sheik, an economist with over 15 years of experience as an economic consultant, has held various positions at professional consulting firm Genesis Analytics. She has managed a large number of regulatory projects, ranging from energy to transport and telecoms regulation. She is a financial and tariff modelling expert and specialises in translating policy positions into functioning regulatory and tariff frameworks. Ms Sheik has contributed to many competition related projects, ranging from merger analysis to abuse of dominance cases and is able to combine both competition and regulatory principles to complex assignments.

Ethèl Teljeur:
Managing Director

Ms Ethèl Teljeur is an energy sector expert with over 20 years of experience of competition and economic regulation of the various energy subsectors, including piped gas; petroleum pipelines; petroleum products and electricity. She was a Member of the Energy Regulator from its inception in 2005 until 2013 where she was primarily responsible for gas regulation and participated in the regulation of the petroleum pipelines and electricity regulation activities of NERSA. She became a partner in professional services firm Genesis Analytics in 2014 where she headed the economic regulation division of the Competition and Regulation Practice. Ms Teljeur has held positions at the Competition Commission of South Africa; the Dutch Office for Energy Regulation; the Department of Trade and Industry and BHP Billiton.

Our commitment to transformation

  • Lungiswa Energy is committed to transformation and the promotion and inclusion of black professionals in all the projects that we bid for or undertake.
  • We recognise that it is only in making this commitment will we contribute to the achievement of the transformation of the South African economy and society into one that reflects the demographics of our country.
  • To give effect this commitment, when putting together a team for any project or bid, we first try to fill project roles with black professionals and only where we cannot find such a person will we include an individual who does not qualify as black.
  • We therefore work with a network of black professionals to ensure a match of skills for each project while ensuring representation of black professionals.

Lungiswa Energy Pty Ltd – Comp Reg No 2017/272673/07 F.B. Sheik, E. Teljeur (Directors)